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Published On: Fri, Jan 31st, 2014

[PHOTOS] Meet the world’s hottest transgender Amiyah Scott (Boy who Transformed to a lady)


Her name is Amiyah Scott, but she was born ‘Arthur Scott’ in New York in 1988. She’s a transgender model and make-up artist. Arthur started the process of turning into a woman when he was 17. He got breast augmentation, booty shots, light filler in the cheeks etc etc.You will hardly believe she was a boy from the way she looks now.

See more photos of her/him after the cut…



 Arthur Scott turns to Amiyah Scott

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  1. Can write right says:

    Forget this story, why are you all even commenting when you write so poorly, no one can understand your point?! Learn to speak English first, write it, and then try to illustrate your judge mental, self righteous thoughts. Yes?!

  2. Ronnin says:

    It’s a Trap, Bino.

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