ndume senator

Senator Ali Ndume said he was praying when he was removed as Senate majority leader by the All Progressives Congress (Caucus) in the senate.

Ndume said he had left the chamber to pray and handed over to Bala Na-Allah, only to return in 10 minutes to find out he had been ousted.

“I was leading the business of the senate and when it was 12.45, as usual, I asked my deputy to sit in for me while I go to pray,” he said.

“On coming back, I discovered that the session was over and one of your colleagues [referring to journalists] approached me and said ‘leader, what happened?’ I said ‘what happened?’ And he said I had been removed.

“I didn’t know that there was change of leadership because I was not there. I went for prayers and I didn’t know what actually happened and I cannot say much than this.”

Ndume’s removal was announced on the floor of the senate by Bukola Saraki, senate president, who read a letter from the APC caucus who also announced Ahmed Lawan as his replacement.