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Leading Nigerian Newspapers with description 

African Herald Express
News and comments concerning Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. Nigeria
News stories from sources around Africa.

Announcer Express
News site providing national, business, political and sport news from Imo State, Nigeria.

Business Day
Leading business and financial daily.

Business Hallmark
Weekly business newspaper, which operates from Ikeja in Lagos state.

Business News
Providing market, industry, political and government news.

Business World Intelligence
Weekly financial newspaper.

Century Newsfront
Weekly national paper published in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom state. Providing news about public issues.

Complete Sports
Daily Nigerian sport news.

Daily Post Nigeria
A fast growing Nigerian Online Newspaper

Daily Trust
Daily newspaper published in the nation’s capital, Abuja.

Eagle Reporters
Committed to bringing untold stories of individuals who have experienced the vitality and versatility of political, economic, religion and cultural divides firsthand.

Weekly newspaper covering and circulating in all the 36 states of the federation of Nigeria.
News site with focus on Northern Nigeria.

Major daily Nigerian newspaper.

Lagos Business News
Nigerian economy and business news.

Lagos Literary and Arts Journal
Online literary and arts magazine.

Liberty Report
Nigerian and world news daily. Seeking to bridge the gap between official news bulletins and the actual news behind it.

Strives to bring the public awareness to the widespread corruption practices in Nigeria. Operating as a platform for the amateur reporters.

Nation, The
Focusing on business and economy, public policies, the democratic process and institutions of democracy, sports, arts & culture.

National Accord
National publication, promoting unity and national interest.

National Daily
Covering much of the country’s geo-political zones and major cities.

National Mirror
Daily political, business, sport, religion, entertainment news, interviews and opinions.

New Nigerian
Government-affiliated newspaper.

Nigerian Inquirer
Newspaper founded by Nigerians from all walks of life in the diaspora.

Nigerians Abroad
Providing insight and analysis on politics, business, education, research, culture, arts & entertainment, travel and technology.

Quality weekly news magazine.

Nigerian Independent
Online newspaper.

Nigerian Monitor
Fast growing online newspaper with strong focus on mobile

Nigerian Tribune
Daily newspaper based out of Oyo State

Osun Defender
News platform providing political news within Osun State and beyond.

PM News
Dedicated to the promotion of the principles of civilized nationalism, democracy, political and economic pluralism, liberty and equality of the various ethnic groups of the Nigerian Federation.

Pointer Express
News and analysis of issues on the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

Independent daily.

Newspaper based in Akwa Ibom State, South-South Region of Nigeria.

The Tide
Regional newspaper of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

This Day
Major independent daily, published in Lagos.

Times of Nigeria
Online newspaper based in Abuja.

Popular Lagos-based daily with strong mobile followership

Fast growing online newspaper focused in the younger generation

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  1. mki-fmg says:

    Hi lady, who say they are frm Edo state, let known ur local Gov. Area in benin city, pls. Stop show urself. Edo people are honourable. God bless 9ja, God bless Edo state. IJN.

  2. Mohd Umar Salisu says:

    This is a very nice and interested site as it enable one to express his feelings.

  3. Igwebuzor Ekpere Ejike says:

    Must I Be Bad To Succeed In Nigeria? After Graduation No Job I Can,t Continue Dis Way

  4. Your Name...charles says:

    All this needs prayer

  5. Your Name...ukandu says:

    God has blessed imo state through governo rochas okorocha, i pray that may continue to use him, in jesus name Amen…. ukandu from imo state.

  6. Igwebuzor Ekpere Ejike says:

    Nigeria Is A Blessed Country, But Politicians Are Frustrating Nigerians I Want Army Takeover &execute All Bad Eggs

  7. Your Name...T T L Town says:

    I Wish God To Rapture The Righteus

  8. Your Name...Luka Avelomue says:

    Nigeria HNeed Prayer, But Do U Know The Problem Of Leadership? 4my Own Believe Is Discremination Leadership System In Nigeria, Minority Remain Minuse While Majority Remain Major, And Poor Remain Poorer, Geto Rm Geto, City Rm City.

  9. Your Name...ebere says:

    long live 9ja in peace.



  11. Your Name... says:

    where are bokoharam going today

  12. Your Name...HASSAN AFOLABI says:


  13. Your Name...EneOjo says:

    Nigeria need one thing which is more of prayer and more of understanding with one another let us give peace a chance in Nigeria I believe dis is what we need .

  14. Your Name... Umar M. Bawa. Sokoto. says:

    The Goodluck is the only problem to this country in General, but let him step down 2015 nd see the result.

  15. Igwebuzor E Ejike says:

    Ozobiko Igwebuzo Is Dead,he Died As A Result Of The Ongoing Government Hospital Strike, My Father Is A Victim, I Am Now Fatherless Bcus Of Strike, Our Politicians Go Abroad For Treatmt While Poor Masses Dies In The Country Daily, Why?

  16. Igwebuzo E Ejike says:

    How Can I Watch My Father Die Helplessly, The First Private Hospital I Took My Father To Collected My #120,000 And Send me To Aother He Knew He Didnt Hav Needed Materials How Can Doctors Go On Strike I Need To Join Army Or Boko Haram So That The Killers Of My Father Will Not Go Scot Free Nigeria Is Our Country&is Not Owned By A Group Of People Whether Good or Bad I Will Not Let Go Im A Nigerian& I Graduated With Second Class Upper Bsc Since 2010 No Job Now My Father Is Dead After Trainin Me In The Univsty

    • Meziem says:

      Go and enter biafran army if you’re a true Igbo and that’s. The only way out

    • Not possible says:

      Is time for we the poor to wake up and show the world we are not slaves
      We are all nigeria you and you and you can rule this country not only the reaches can do

  17. Igwebuzor E Ejike says:

    Any Body That Is Against Goodluck Jonathan Is A Blind Man,the Person Is Also An Enemy Of Nigeria Jonathan Should Be Allow To Complete His Tenure.

    • Your Name...Agewu Ezekiel says:

      Do We Have A Leader In Nasarawa State ? Ples What Is Going On In Our State.

    • Anonymous says:

      God hv mercy in nija.

    • Your Name...mindong mathew says:

      lets think 2s nigeria is our country no body wil come from somewhere to build it 4 us excep we come 2gether must expecially poor people we are there one suffering in this country we have rigt to stop this on 28 march i can assure u if we vote rt general mohamadu buhari every poor man & rich man wil smile and fiel comfartable let vote APC CHANG.

    • Your Name...tunde ojo says:

      Igwebuzor. U are very myopic. & i may nt knw which parameter u use 4 Gej adm. ur bro. Retrogres every facet of develment by almost 20yrs. Do know ds fact ? Let us joing voice 2 pray 4 d new President.

  18. Anonymous says:

    God hv mercy in nija.

  19. DM SATI MUPUN says:

    GOODLUCK is the right leader.We pray for him 2 finish his tenure in peace.And the right person 2 succeed him is DARIYE

  20. Your Name...ubong mfon says:

    Good luck shld complete his tenure

  21. Your Name...alex says:

    i can never worship the god that can’t fight for himself i mean the god of boko haram.

  22. Your Name...Cool boy says:

    Let, God shoud select a gud leader 4 9ija.

  23. Your Name.ALIYU says:

    The problem of naija is goodluck their is no security,water,electricity,road,good health,no school no peace jonathan provided all these for your people

  24. Anonymous says:

    The choice remain 4 nigerians in the nx coming election we need positive change for our unity pls stop selfish,centiment,dicrimination and embrace peace & unity 4 dvlment

  25. Your Name...BASSEY says:

    Good luck can not change d fortures of 9ja, let hin step aside for a more compitant leader like Gen. Muhammadu Buhari

  26. Your Name...Chukwuma Agwu says:

    Nigeria Is Blessed But People Think The Are Born To Rule Others Are To Serve, Just 4yrs Rule Of A Christan In Nigeria Useless Tribe Are Killing Them Selves 4 Nothing,, Blind Religion And Selfish Leaders Blood Suckers Are Distroying Thier Leaders Of Tomorsow (Shameless) What U Sow Is What U Will Rep, That Will Not Stop The Chidren Of Light, What God Has Said Must Come To Pass

  27. Your Name...Chukwuma Agwu says:

    Nigeria Is Blessed But Some People Think The Are Born To Rule Others Are To Serve, Just 4yrs Rule Of A Christan In Nigeria Useless Tribe Are Killing Them Selves 4 Nothing,, Blind Religion And Selfish Leaders Blood Shockers Are Distroying Thier Leaders Of Tomorsow (Shameless) What U Sow Is What U Will Rep, That Will Not Stop The Chidren Of Light To Rign , What God Has Said Must Come To Pass

  28. Your Name...sirenanta says:

    all we need is a GOD fearing leader, a leader with authority and regulations. that would be able 2 fight for the right of this country. and for the boko haram they will soon joing their ancestors.

  29. Nafi Adamawa says:

    Our Next President In Nigeria Is Gen. Mohammadu Buhari Insha Allah

  30. Your Name...suni abu says:

    buhari,boko haram,northern oligarchy all working to do d will of (OIC & jihad agenda).While APC,d northern poor are tools 4 same evil.GOD no sleep

  31. Your Name... LIMITED says:

    what we need is a leader not a politician

  32. Possible says:

    We must hope for the best to come.
    All Politician are the same in 9jer.
    They do not care for you or me, but their family

    • Your Name...Mustapha says:

      Mr special adviser in the presidency, when the north was talking about consilieation was at that time there was peace all over the north, but today people like you in the north are making it very difficult. So we really require CHANGE all over

  33. Your Name...VALENTINE says:

    God bless Nigeria

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