The President and Founder of Omega Fire Ministeries Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, was in Malaysia for the much publicized Malaysia edition of the ‘Help from Above’ crusade which kicked off on Tuesday, February 14th 2017.

He stormed the South East Asian Country with his team of 12 senior pastors for the great soul-winning conference.

He was received on entry by representatives of the Malaysian government while the conference was adjudged the largest Malaysian gathering in recent time.

The 2-day conference which held at the Shaftsbury Asteria in Cyber 6, Selangor, Malaysia, was well attended, witnessing over 3,000 attendees from neighbouring countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Jakarta, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, Mynmar and Australia. The programme kicked off with miracles and testimonies as God confirmed His word as given to the man of God in his mandate in Acts 10: 38.

The well organized crusade recorded diverse miracles with every participant feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit as souls were revived and lives reformed.

There was the case of a woman, Mrs. Rahni, who had been crippled and could not walk without aid for over 15 years.

The afflicted woman from Bantin Region was healed by the servant of God. The experience was amazing to the daughter of the healed woman who confessed that she never believed in Nigerian pastors or miracles but was shocked her mum could be truly healed.


As the conference progressed, the man of God took prophecy to another dimension as he was led by The Holy Ghost to forensically and microscopically identify individuals, families and generations. He also gave mind blowing revelations to people. He gave in depth insight to challenges and solutions of many as well as unraveling directions for them.

There was the peculiar case of a family that had at least one family member prophetically located in every session of the conference. Apostle Suleman led over 1,500 persons to the merciful throne of God as they gave their lives to Jesus, which is the hallmark of all his meetings. He also blessed the land of Asia and asked the Lord to continually prosper his children and those doing legitimate businesses in the land.

Pastors Henry and Charity Osemeka, senior pastors of OFM Malaysia hosted the conference.

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