Bishop Bobby Davis, 72, pastor of the Miracle Faith World Outreach Church, died as members yelled at him about an affair he’d had, reports The Connecticut Post.

“After the service on Sunday the bishop’s family asked us to remain in the church and the bishop confessed to us something that happened long ago,” church member Judy Stovall said. “He wanted to come clean with all of us. He wanted to ask our forgiveness.”

As it turns out, the pastor’s congregation did forgive him. It was their shouts of forgiveness that led to Pastor Davis’ heart at†ack.

“We were shouting, `We forgive you, we love you,’ but the stress of all of it — he had a heart at†ack,” Stovall explained to the Post. “I held his head as he lay on the floor. Our congregation is hurting now.”

Stovall said that he tension of the moment must have gotten the better of his pastor.

Davis had served as pastor of the church he and his wife founded since 1967. The couple had six children and eight grandchildren. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last summer.

Pastor Davis was a graduate of the Vision Christian College of Ramona California where he received a doctoral degree in ministry and a master’s degree in theological studies.

Davis was also a certified marriage counselor.