Arik Air

Nemesis finally caught up with a gang of thieves whose specialty is in stealing from passenger on-board local flights as they were apprehended this morning by authorities.

The 2-man gang were this morning apprehended after they were caught in the act by a planted spy on-board Arik Air flight from Lagos to Abuja.

Apparently, there have been prior incidences on flights which prompted Arik management to engage the services of a spy to check for nefarious activities in-flight.

According to an eye witness who was also on-board the flight, the thieves were not aware they’re being watched so they thought it was business as usual.

The men were accosted by flight attendants and other passengers after it was established that they took personal effects from luggages that were not theirs.

According to a passenger on-board the flight, “The authorities were alerted as soon as the incident happened when we were airborne so authorities came in to arrest them on arrival in Abuja.”

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